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It’s time to consider bankruptcy if your life has been taken over by looming foreclosure, constant badgering phone calls from creditors, lawsuits or garnishments of your wages or property. Or maybe your debt has you trapped due to the amount of each payment and the extent of the debt. There are many kinds of debt that can get you into these situations, including medical bills, credit card balances, falling behind on your mortgage, loans and back taxes owed to the government and even car repossessions.

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Our Only Priorities Are To Protect Your Rights And Your Future

Our experienced, professional bankruptcy attorneys in California, understand the difficulties and worries you face. We know your best options. We are here to help and will work with you to alleviate your financial uncertainty. Even before your bankruptcy petition is filed, an attorney can help shield you from creditor harassment.

In a non-judgmental and supportive way, we can help you understand your options, the process of filing for bankruptcy, and help lift the burden of financial uncertainty.

  • Peace of mind
  • Renewed confidence
  • Resolution
  • A fresh start
  • A promising future

FAQ – Answers To Your Bankruptcy Concerns

Now, let’s cover some concerns you might have, so that we can help you better understand whether it might provide a solution to your situation. Have the following questions crossed your mind?

Many people discount bankruptcy or delay filing because of worries on how it will affect their credit rating. But as some food for thought, there are many cases where not choosing bankruptcy causes a worse effect on your credit score in the long run than if you were to file. How is this possible? Your credit score can go down if you are continuously not paying your credit cards on time, you miss payments or you completely stop paying. Further, actions against you, such as garnishments, judgments and liens, can all cause your credit score to take a hit.

It can be hard to say how long it could take you to get out of this situation and you might end up choosing bankruptcy at some point anyway, especially if your desperate financial situation continues on a downhill course. While bankruptcy has a significant effect on your credit rating, it allows you to start over. You can stop the financial situation that is keeping you trapped, that you don’t know when or how you will get out of, and that continues to cause your credit score to degrade.

The sooner you file, the sooner you can start rebuilding your credit, so it’s a way to start getting on track again right away.

You might be of the mind that this is just one more bill you won’t be able to afford during this difficult financial time. We understand what you are going thru and that the last thing you need is more debt. We can work with you.

While your assets might be at risk now, it’s also wise to consider whether you might lose them if you file. The answer to this depends on your situation, but it’s possible for you to hold onto possession of your house and most or all of your assets. Our attorneys will help determine which of your assets you can keep if you file.

There are two primary types of bankruptcy individuals can file for: chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy. With the first kind, your property or car might be sold, depending on their value, to pay part of your debt. Often in chapter 7, you can keep all of your assets. With chapter 13, you have a payment plan you follow for up to five years, after which the rest of your debt is discharged. You are not required to give up your assets regardless of value in a Chapter 13.

We can help you figure out which type is right for your particular situation and show you how each type would affect your assets.

To really know whether you should go through with the process, it’s important to talk with the best bankruptcy lawyers in depth. We can help you get a fresh start to life. Choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer is a very important decision. When you finally choose your bankruptcy lawyer, he will present you with a retainer agreement.

Read the retainer agreement! Do not just sign it. Look at what you are getting for your money. Will your bankruptcy lawyer represent you in all bankruptcy proceedings? How is your payment plan set up? When and how will your bankruptcy case be filed? These are all very important questions that need to be addressed.

We will honestly answer these questions for you, and much more.

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Bankruptcy laws are in place to help Americans get a second chance

You may feel hopeless, and at the mercy of a faltering economy, but don’t despair. Relief is available, and there is no shame in using the law to protect yourself when you are buried under a pile of debt. You aren’t responsible for the economy, and you didn’t create the mortgage crisis. So use the law to protect yourself and your family. A Second Chance Bankruptcy laws are in place to help Americans get a second chance when they are snowed under by economic pressures. You have rights, including the right to be free from harassment by creditors. If your creditors are hounding you, you can make them pay. And if your debt has become more than you can manage, you may be able to file for bankruptcy.

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